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A la carte menu​

Beef steak

Selected beef sirloin steak

Selected beef sirloin steak 100g

Our pride is our sirloin!

The extremely fresh sirloin is surprisingly light, with no greasy taste even when it's marbled.

The juicy flavor of the meat fills your mouth.

Grilled vegetables included


Selected tenderloin steak

Selected tenderloin steak 100g

Our fillets, which place importance on juiciness, are not just tender steaks.

The firm flavor of beef is concentrated in the tenderness.

​Grilled vegetables included


Limited(Filet mignon) ¥ 11,000

Selected chateaubriand steak


Selected chateaubriand steak

Chateaubriand is the part of the fillet that has the finest texture in the middle, with even marbling. A rare part that can only be harvested in small quantities from one cow. (Please confirm as quantity is limited)

​Grilled vegetables included


Teppanyaki seafood grill single item


Saute of Prawn

¥ 3,200(2 prawn)

Saute of Scallop

¥ 1,800(2scallop)

Saute of Abalone from Hokkaido


Today's grilled fish

¥ 1,800~

Grilled king crab

¥ 8,000

Saute of Spiny Lobster

¥ 16,000

Recommended dish dishes

Hamburg steak of Japanese beef

180g  ¥2,500  Limited

Beef grilled shabu-shabu

¥ 4,000

Ishizaki Slected (Rosted Beef Cold Styles) 

(red meat) ¥ 3,500

(marbled meat) ¥4,500

Saute of foiegras

¥ 5,000

Beef grilled shabu-shabu

Menu and Others information

​*Display is tax-included price.
*To here price will take a 10% service charge.

*The stock situration there are items when the price fluctuates.

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